STEREO's CoconuT Cove



Laki Kane, Islington's tropical paradise, is setting sail for a summertime adventure as it partners up with STEREO Covent Garden and Planteray Rum. Prepare to be transported...
Think paradise island meets urban city chic. With its lush greenery, bamboo accents and warm, inviting atmosphere, Laki Kane much loved destination for a taste of the tropics in the bustling city.

Just for the summer, Laki Kane is joining forces with STEREO Covent Garden, infusing its signature blend of island charm and London flair into the vibrant energy of one of the capital's most iconic districts.


Join us on this exciting journey as Laki Kane brings a taste of paradise to Covent Garden, where every drink is a celebration of summer. Cheers to unforgettable experiences, and the perfect blend of island paradise and metropolitan charm.

SUmmer pop-up in covent garden

Partnering with Planteray Rum & Laki Kane, STEREO promises an experience infused with tropical vibes for rum lovers and cocktail enthusiasts. Explore an extensive menu of summery cocktails, showcasing the rich and diverse flavours of the Caribbean and South Pacific. From classics to new drinks, each sip will transport you to sun-drenched shores and swaying palm trees.


35 The Piazza,
London WC2E 8BE,
United Kingdom

+44 2031469637

Wednesday - Saturday : 5.30 pm - 3 am
Sunday-Tuesday: Closed

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